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July 27th, 2001 by Tony

“What are the protesters fighting for?”

In addition to emphasizing supposed inequalities in the distribution of capital, anti-globalization protesters also condemned harsh working conditions in Third World countries. As a result of their protests and campaign, many budding factories banked by Western entrepreneurs have been forced to shut down or have not been able to open at all.

Another glaring fact about these anti-globalization showcases is that most of the protesters come from Western capitalist countries. Many of them don’t have to work but live under the protection of privileged welfare systems. I wonder if they know or care that when factories are shut down in Third World countries, nobody provides bread for the destitute. Their only option is to become poorer, which is exactly the opposite of what the protesters want.

It is true that working conditions in Third World countries are often far inferior to those in the industrialized countries. But compared to losing jobs and going hungry, it is better to work and make money and eventually lift oneself from poverty.

This is why people from poor countries don’t protest against globalization. They want jobs. They want to accumulate wealth through selling their products with the least amount of taxes and governmental restrictions possible.

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